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About the Primer

If you would change the course of a people's future, you must alter the record of their history. This is not only being done to the history of our nation, but also to the true record of our heritage as Baptists. The mind of a child is an inquisitive mind. An inquisitive mind is a fertile mind, which in turn is a moldable mind. Because of this, there is no better time to anchor children on what it means to be a Bible-believing Baptist.

The Baptist Primer, by Pastor Nathan Deatrick, is a vital new tool designed to meet this need. Based on the foundational building block of the alphabet, like the school primers of America's early days, this attractive little book will prove to be great help for young and old alike. Coinciding with each letter of the alphabet is a poem which will aid the memory in learning our Baptist distinctives and golden nuggets of Baptist history. Twenty-six vivid illustrations, by Marilyn Stevens, will impress upon young minds the truths of the book. For the benefit of parents, teachers and older readers, Scripture and easy-to-read historical narratives are included at the bottom of each page. A glossary of terms is provided at the end of the book so that more difficult words can be easily defined to children as the book is being read. In addition, a resource page offers more Scriptural support for being a Baptist, as well as further suggested material for older readers.

Nathan Deatrick

Nathan Deatrick is a Baptist pastor in North Carolina. He and his wife, Jenny, have three young children: Emalyn Joyce, Audrey Elizabeth and Judson Clarke. Judson Clarke is named after Adoniram Judson, the first Baptist foreign missionary from American soil and John Clarke, the first Baptist pastor on American soil. Nathan is part of the third generation of Baptist pastors in his family. Second only to his personal, daily Bible study, his love of Baptist history has done more to shape his life and ministry than any other influence.

Marilyn Stevens

Marilyn Stevens, a local artist in Charleston, South Carolina, is the wife of a Baptist pastor and grandmother of six grandchildren. She was born in Ravenswood, West Virginia, grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio, then lived many years in California before moving to the East coast. Artwork has been a big part of Marilynís life as she has labored together with her husband in the ministry providing drawings and paintings for childrenís stories, songs, object lessons and many other doors of opportunity. Marilyn also does watercolor paintings of the Charleston historic sites and sells her prints to help with missions. She gives God all the credit for any talent she has and desires to use it for His glory alone. You may find out more about Marilyn and her work at