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"I was overjoyed in reviewing Brother Nathan Deatrick's Baptist Primer. What a treasure trove this book is in teaching children not only the alphabet, but in establishing strong convictions in young minds! In bygone years in Britain, Benjamin Keach was jailed for daring to present a catechism for the use of Baptist youth! The leaders of the State Church of England well realized that when children are anchored in truth during their formative years, they are not likely to depart from truth as they mature.

"It is claimed that Loyola, the Jesuit, said: 'Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man.' The Roman Church has long majored in saturating children with sacramental theology. The time is long past due when independent, fundamental Baptists awaken to the need of training our children in immortal truth so that in maturity they might stand as soldiers of the cross.

"If Baptist pastors and school principals would obtain a copy and study the content of this masterfully written (and beautifully illustrated) book, I feel assured that the author would be hard pressed to keep it in print. I highly recommend it to one and all."

- Dr. David Cummins
Deputation Director
Baptist World Mission
Author of This Day in Baptist History


"The Baptist Primer appeals to all age groups from the youngest child who can look and listen to the oldest adult who is interested in our Baptist heritage. The aesthetics and the format appeal to the young reader; the history and the informative helps attract the mature one. This book is an excellent tool for both parents and teachers to use in teaching not only Baptist history and distinctives but also reading and memorization of Scripture verses and alphabet rhymes. The color and pictures will draw all ages. Apart from the Word of God, rarely does one find a book that attracts such a wide audience as the author and illustrator have been able to do in The Baptist Primer."

- Mrs. Mary Rosenau
Head of the Education Department
Ambassador Baptist College


"In the early 1700's Pastor John Alderson, Jr. said, '...the chief books that I read were the Bible and the Baptist Catechism, which last I got by heart, and not only said it over at school but also in the public congregations on Sundays after sermon. By these means I was kept from all gross immoralities.'

"I believe that The Baptist Primer, recently released by its author, Nathan Deatrick, will have the same result on our present generation as the Baptist Catechism had in Alderson's day."

- Pastor David Baughan
Old Kanawha Baptist Church
Pratt, West Virginia